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3 Second Rule

James Canupp

he is the chosen one.

Alternate Reality

the guys down at the office have a love for king arthur and metallica.


The Sisterhood

My new favorite band


kids band from Mexico.

ButtaScotch Swirl

str8 outta Manistee, Michigan. All violence. No science.

Jim Hobbit McLeavy

“The Glasgow Hobbit bites back with a funky little grooving number called Crunchy Reality Bites, featuring the Salvador Dali of comedy Jim Hobbit McLeavy and his electric pop combo “The Laymen of Dyspepsia”… Y’know. I have fckin idea what’s going on. courtesy of CumbernauldMedia

Houston’s Video LP

still waiting for part 2, hollapena!


I have no idea. So don’t ask.